2021Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa; a happy and healthy geeky mama with a hearty sense of wonder for the wholesome lifestyle, especially the cozy and comforting.

We all know the world can be a turbulent place; let’s take a moment (or more) to find and experience what brings us comfort and joy! Here you will find a great source of cozy entertainment ideas and knowledge, combined with the skills for happy and healthy every day living!

I’ve grown up on a healthy dose of good entertainment; good books, good crafts, good films, good television shows, good toys, and good video games. This, combined with the love and support of my family and friends, created a happy childhood that has continued into a happy adulthood.

When I’m not searching and sharing cozy entertainment, I’m living it with my happy little family: my husband Cameron, our daughter Zoey and our cats, Leeloo, Layla and Gibson. We read books, cook, create crafts, watch films and television, play with toys and games. I enjoy sharing all of the things we love(d) and trying out new experiences too!

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