Hello! I’m Melissa Gorman, freshly minted mama with a hearty sense of wonder for family-friendly entertainment that I cannot wait to share with our daughter Zoey and you!

I’ve grown up on a healthy dose of Disney; watching the films, singing the songs, visiting the parks. I’ve eaten many tasty foods in the parks (especially now that Disney has upped their foodie game), and we’ll definitely explore re-creating those foods soon, but I’ve never tried the foods from Disney’s films…until now! With this blog, I am re-creating and sharing all the delicious looking (and sometimes not so delicious looking) foods that we’ve grown up watching in our favorite Disney and Pixar animated films, bringing joy and warmth to our tables and tummies.

Customarily a new recipe would be posted every other Wednesday, but in my current state during the pandemic, with ingredients and money being harder to obtain, I am posting a new recipe once a month. I estimate I will be back to every other Wednesday mid to late Fall.

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, I spend time with my happy little family: my husband Cameron, our daughter Zoey and our cats, Loki, Leeloo, Layla and Gibson. We play video games, read books, watch films, craft and more!

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