Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragons

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragons

In Dragon Age: Inquisition there are 10 different dragons roaming the continent of Thedas that will require careful planning, proper gear and companions to defeat.

I thought it best to keep this simple. I’ve created the chart above for a quick guide to the name, level, area found, strengths and weaknesses of each Dragon breed.

  • Gear up with items that resist each dragon’s strength.
  • Bring potions that resist each dragon’s strength.
  • Bring weapons and companions that attack with each dragon’s weakness.
  • Keep warriors at the front of the dragon to take the brunt of all the attacks.
  • Melee rogues need to flank the dragon, far enough forward to avoid tail swipes and far enough backward to avoid breath and claw attacks.
  • Ranged classes need to be to the side, far enough away to avoid physical attacks, but close enough not to trigger the Vortex ability that sucks all long range characters in and does massive damage.

May the odds be ever in your favor!