Zoey’s Bedtime Stories

Reading has always been very special to me. I remember my mom reading to me as a child and I believe it had a profound impact on my love for reading and books, not to mention my performance in school. I want to continue that tradition with Zoey. I want her to hear my voice, hear the diction and the pronunciation, see the beautiful images and eventually enjoy the stories.

Zoey’s Bedtime Story (#ZoeysBedtimeStory) is nighttime ritual I started in January of this year. Every night before her bedtime, I read Zoey a book (sometimes the books last two nights if they turn out to be too long). I can honestly say there are very few books that have captured her attention yet (when we started she was 5 months old, now she’s almost 10 months old). She’s more interested in just about everything else, but that doesn’t discourage me. I’ll keep going until she feels like paying attention and that’s when the real fun will begin!

Please come follow along on my Instagram where I post which book we’re reading each night in my story, and every book I’ve read to her has been saved to the highlights on my profile.

Children and Young Adult Books for Zoey.I’ve also started a Pinterest Board of all the books I would like to read to Zoey or share with her someday. Check it out to get inspired and please let me know if there are any children books you would recommend; we love sharing stories!


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