Mass Effect Microreview


Mass Effect Microreview – 20/20!

The first Mass Effect set the stage and established a time and place. The player discovers the galaxy; learning its planets, races and cultures. The Reaper conflict is introduced and we see Shepard facing Sovereign, a vanguard Reaper who plans to usher in the Reaper fleet to continue its mysterious cycle of destruction.

This has to be one of my favorite science fiction video games to date! I am very fond of Roleplaying games such as this that shape your character(s) through your dialogue and actions. In regards to combat, I would highly recommend finding a class that suits your play-style or you may get frustrated and unable to progress easily. Probably the most tedious aspect of this game is driving around planets in search of resources or anomalies, but I didn’t feel it was tedious enough to drop the score!

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