Happy New Year 2021!

2021 ResolutionsHappy New Year Friends! I wish you all the best and sincerely hope all your hopes and dreams for 2021 will come to fruition; let’s make the most of it!

I believe in making resolutions; they give you the focus to complete certain tasks. Resolutions can be made any time of the year, and should be in some cases, but it’s traditional to make them for the fresh start of a new year and it’s all in good fun!

I’ve set 21 resolutions for 2021, check them out!

  1. Buy and use a solar USB charger.
  2. Eat take-out only once per week.
  3. Diagnose and treat Leeloo’s medical issue.
  4. Expand our kitchen garden.
  5. Make Monday’s meatless.
  6. Play & complete 5 games created before 2000.
  7. Play & complete 5 games I own, but never finished.
  8. Play & complete 5 new games.
  9. Reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube.
  10. Reach my earnings goal by December.
  11. Reach my goal weight.
  12. Read & complete 5 books I own, but have never read.
  13. Read & complete 5 classic books.
  14. Read & complete 5 Stephen King books.
  15. Read to Zoey every day.
  16. Refurbish the play house & give it to Zoey.
  17. Refurbish the play kitchen & give it to Zoey.
  18. Replace all the lightbulbs in & around the house with LEDs.
  19. Switch to cloth napkins.
  20. Take a DNA test.
  21. Take Zoey to Disneyland.

I’m going to do my best to fulfill each and every one of them so if you’re looking for ideas, inspiration or just to follow along in some good fun follow me here and on my instagram for updates!


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