Elden Ring – Fevor, Frenzied and Glintstone Craftsman Cookbook Guide

If there’s one thing I do when I play a game (besides trying to relax and enjoy myself), it’s look up information. I get curious or stuck, and I find myself turning to the internet for answers. There are a lot of good guides out there that are super helpful, but what I don’t see are an abundance of simple and clean visual guides that lay out all the information in one place.

I’ve finished playing Elden Ring and I can’t say I love it and I can’t say I hate it. It’s beautiful, yet grotesque. It’s mindnumpingly frustrating one moment, then intensely satisfying the next. I am conflicted, but it kept me playing through to the very end so there is pull there!

If you’re curious as to what cookbook you will need to craft a specific item, I’ve got you covered! If you’re wondering where to find each cookbook, I’ve got you covered!

These visual or infographic guides are separated by the different cookbook themes, then by what recipes they teach and where to find them within.

Please let me know if you would like me to work on a guide for the other collectibles within Elden Ring or if there are any games you would like to see visual information or guides for in the future! I love helping people, discussing games and organizing information!


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