Child of Light Microreview


Child of Light Microreview – 18/20

Aurora, beloved daughter of a widowed Duke, contracts a mysterious ailment the night of his wedding and for all intents and purposes is dead, mysteriously awakening in a strange land instead; Lemuria. To return home and reunite with her father, Aurora, aided by her playable companion Igniculus the “firefly” and several fairytale creature allies, must restore Lemuria’s sun, moon and stars; held captive by the Dark Queen, Umbra.

Aesthetically, this game is remarkable. Child of Light is a platform role-playing video game combining the attributes of a side-scroller with a unique battle system focused on timing, similar to the active time battle system found in JRPGs such as Final Fantasy. The art style and character design is in charming hand-painted watercolor, which paired with the rhyming dialogue give this game the feel of opening a storybook.

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