DIY – Felt Bacon and Eggs

DIY Felt Bacon and Eggs

What child (or inner child) doesn’t love preparing toy food in a play kitchen? 

I had a play kitchen when I was a little girl and loved preparing eggs and bacon for myself, my sister and my parents. Now that I’m grown and have a daughter of my own, I want to make her some handcrafted play food so she can enjoy making meals for everyone during play, or while we cook in the kitchen next to her!

Please feel free to use these patterns to create some play food for you and yours! This pattern will make two eggs and two pieces of bacon. You can duplicate it as much as you want to make multiple pieces of each food!

  • Eggs and bacon patterns (see above) 
  • Paper scissors
  • White felt material
  • Yellow felt material
  • Dark red felt material
  • Pale pink felt material
  • 2 pinches of stuffing
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Embroidery floss (white, yellow, dark red, and pale pink)
  1. Print out the eggs and bacon pattern I’ve provided, then cut the patterns from the paper.
  2. Pin the patterns on the appropriate colored felt, then use sewing scissors to cut the felt.
  3. Thread a sewing needle with yellow embroidery floss and pin the egg yolk to a piece of the egg white. 
  4. Begin sewing the yellow yolk onto the egg white felt using a whipstitch. When you reach 2/3 of the way around the yolk, stop and place a small pinch of stuffing underneath it, then complete the circle and tie it off underneath the egg white layer.
  5. Thread a sewing needle with white embroidery floss and pin the second egg white layer over the stitching on the back of the first.
  6. Using a whipstitch, begin sewing around the edges of the two layers of egg white, concealing the first knot and end knot in between the layers.
  7. Thread a sewing needle with pale pink embroidery floss and pin two pieces of marbling onto one side of two different bacon strips.
  8. Begin sewing the pale pink marbling onto the dark red felt bacon using a whipstitch. When completed with each streak, tie it off underneath the bacon layer.
  9. Thread a sewing needle with dark red embroidery floss and pin the second bacon layer over the stitching on the back of the first.
  10. Using a whipstitch, begin sewing around the edges of the two layers of bacon, concealing the first knot and end knot in between the layers.
  11. Enjoy!
DIY Felt Bacon and Eggs
DIY Felt Bacon and Eggs

How to dye Easter eggs with food coloring!

Dyeing Easter Eggs with Food Coloring

I had every intention of making naturally dyed eggs this year. Every. Intention. Then I realized I did not leave myself enough time to prepare and create the dyes. Going natural is a labor of love that I would still love to do…next year.

This year, I dyed a small amount of eggs using food coloring, vinegar and water. It was a lot quicker, a lot simpler, and I was pretty happy with the results!

Dyeing Easter Eggs with Food Coloring
  • 4 16 ounce mason jars
  • 8 teaspoons of vinegar (2 for each color/jar)
  • 4 cups of water (1 for each color/jar)
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • 8 hard boiled eggs
  1. Prepare each mason jar by adding two teaspoons of vinegar to each one.
  2. Boil the four cups of water and carefully pour one cup into each mason jar.
  3. Add drops of food coloring to create the desired shade (don’t be afraid to add a lot, I used 40 drops of blue in one jar) and stir until the color, vinegar and water are well incorporated.
  4. Gently add two eggs to each color, allow the the water to cool slightly, then seal the lids and put them in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. Remove the mason jars from the refrigerator and carefully remove the eggs from the dye, then drain the rest.
  6. Rinse the eggs, gently rubbing with your fingers to remove the darker colored film covering the eggs.
  7. Gently pat the eggs dry with paper towels.

I used the mason jars I had available, which were 16 ounces with regular mouths. I dyed two eggs within each jar; I probably could have crammed 3 eggs into each jar, but I didn’t think that would have given them an even coating of the dye. Please feel free to multiply the recipe and enjoy!

Mushu’s Happy Porridge Recipe (Mulan)

Mushu's Happy Porridge Recipe from Disney's Mulan.INTRODUCTION

Welcome back friends! This week we’ll be cooking the happy porridge Mushu serves to Mulan in Disney’s Mulan.

Mushu's Happy Porridge and Faa Family Dumpling Recipe from Disney's Mulan.This recipe is featured when Mulan is about to start her training. Mushu wakes her up the first morning with this happy breakfast to get her day started!

Mushu's Happy Porridge Recipe from Disney's Mulan.You can see little grains of rice in the porridge Mushu holds out to Mulan so to stay as true to the recipe from the film as I could I made congee. Congee is a type of porridge created with rice and enjoyed in China. It’s super easy to make and super delicious! I also chose to make the eggs in a muffin tin and the bacon on a baking sheet so I could cook them all at once and it was easier to keep them in the correct shape for the happy face on the porridge.

Mushu's Happy Porridge Recipe from Disney's Mulan.MUSHU’S HAPPY PORRIDGE
  • 4 cups of chicken broth
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 cup of jasmine rice
  • Salt to taste
  1. Bring the 4 cups of water and 4 cups of chicken broth to a boil in a medium to large pot.
  2. Add the rice and bring the combination back to a boil.
  3. Lower the heat and let it gently simmer with a partially closed lid, stirring occasionally to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  4. The longer the porridge cooks the thicker it will get, keep in mind it also gets thicker after it’s cooled off. Once you are happy with the consistency, remove your porridge from the heat.
  5. Season with salt to your taste.
  6. Serve Mushu’s happy porridge in a bowl, arranging 2 cooked eggs and a bacon slice (see below) to look like a happy face on top.
  7. Enjoy!
  • 8 eggs
  • 4 slices of bacon
  1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
  2. Grease 8 cups of a muffin or cupcake tin.
  3. Gently crack and place an uncooked egg into each greased cup of the muffin or cupcake tin. I personally only used the yolk and half of the white of each egg, but you can use the whole egg if preferred!
  4. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.
  5. Cut each slice of bacon in half and line the pieces out on the prepared baking sheet.
  6. Place the eggs and bacon in the preheated oven to cook. The eggs will take about 15 minutes and the bacon will take about 25 minutes, but keep an eye on them as every oven is different!
  7. Carefully (because they’re hot) remove the eggs and bacon from the pans and arrange them on the porridge (see above).
  8. Enjoy!