DIY Knit Loom Hat for Beginners

Welcome back friends! Do you have or have you heard of knit looms? They are fantastic! Whether you’re a beginner or not, it is cozy and comforting, sitting and creating items for yourself and/or loved ones!

I have a set of knit looms with four different sizes. I’ve recently been experimenting with different hat knits and patterns! Let’s create one of my favorites!

This pattern is pretty straight forward and easy to handle for any beginner! If you have any questions, please let me know!


  • Extra Large Knit loom XL gauge (41 pegs)
  • Bulky yarn (weight #5)
  • Loom hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


  1. Create a slip-knot and cast it over the first vertical peg to the left of the horizontal anchor peg, with the tail of yarn draped within the loom.
  2. Working counter-clockwise, wrap the next peg twice, then use the loom hook to pull the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. Do this for each peg until you’ve completed the “cast-on” round.
  3. Now we’ll work on the brim! Continuing to work counter-clockwise, e-wrap each peg once and pull the bottom loops from the previous row over the new top loops and off the pegs. Repeat this step for at least 18 rounds.
  4. Once you’ve completed 18 rounds, find your original slip-knot and place its loop back on the first peg. Continue replacing the loops of the “cast-on” round back on to the loom, then tuck the tail of yarn from the knot into the folded brim.
  5. To anchor the brim, pull the loops from the previous round over the top “cast-on” round loops and off the pegs.
  6. Now we will work on the main part of the hat! Begin with a round of e-wrapping each peg once and pulling the bottom loops from the previous round over the new top loops and off the pegs.
  7. The next round will consist of alternating e-wrap pegs and purl pegs all the way around. To purl, stick your pick underneath the center of yarn on a peg, use it to grab ahold of the new yarn and pull it up under the existing yarn to make a loop. Carefully take the whole stitch off of the peg and loop this new loop of yarn on to the peg and pull it tight.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for as many times as you’d like the hat to be long. I did 14 e-wrap rounds and 14 e-wrap and purl rounds for a total of 28.
  9. When finished, take your yarn and wrap it around the outside edge of the loom until it touches back on itself and cut it here for extra yarn.
  10. Thread the extra yarn on to the yarn needle and stitch it upward through each loop, then you can remove that loop off of its peg. Once all of the loops have been stitched through with the needle, you can pull the string to begin forming the top of the hat.
  11. Turn the hat inside out and pull the needle and extra yarn through the still existing hole at the top of the hat, then pull the drawstring as tight as possible to close the hole completely.
  12. Stitch around the edges of where the hole was and tie it in knots to secure it. Then stitch the rest of the end into the inner stitches of the hat to hide it.
  13. Turn the hat right side out and if you have a patch (like my nifty Super Mario star) stitch that patch onto the brim.
  14. Enjoy!

Travel Mug Cozy – Crochet Pattern

Welcome back friends! Do you crochet? I dabbled in crochet off and on for a few years, always fascinated, but never fully catching on. I kept at it, and suddenly, it clicked! I feel calm and cozy when I’m crocheting, and fiercely proud whenever I complete a project.

It’s that time of year for enjoying hot beverages! Let’s protect our hands from said beverages and add our own flair to the cups by crocheting our own cup cozy, or zarf!

  • Crochet hook (size 5.0mm)
  • Medium yarn (size 4)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  1. Create a slip knot and then chain 30 stitches.
  2. Careful not to twist the chain, bring both ends together and slip stitch into the first chain stitch to join them into a circle.
  3. Chain 1 stitch and then loosely slip stitch into the back bump of each of the 30 chain stitches, then join with a final slip stitch.
  4. Chain 2, then turn the work around so you’ll be working around the outside of the circle. Double crochet in each of the 30 stitches around, then join with a slip stitch.
  5. Chain 2 and front post double crochet in a stitch and then double crochet in the next stitch. Continue alternating around the circle, then join with a final slip stitch.
  6. Chain 2 and double crochet in a stitch, then front post double crochet in the next stitch. Continue alternating around the circle, then join with a final slip stitch.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, four or five more times around and at the end of round 8 o 9, slip stitch to join.
  8. Chain 1 and loosely slip stitch in each of the 30 stitches around, join and tie off the yarn.
  9. Flip the cozy inside out and weave in the loose ends using your yarn needle.
  10. Flip the cozy right side out and you’re done! Enjoy!

*This pattern will fit a Starbucks reusable travel cup. Before getting too far into this project, I recommend slipping the joined chain onto the cup you are making the cozy for. If it doesn’t fit well, adjust how many chain stitches there are up or down to fit.